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Among the Best

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I am always pleased to find validation of the excellent work performed by the people who comprise UHS. Most recently, our organization has been recognized nationwide for the outstanding quality of its care and service. When that happens, the glow is something all of our employees, volunteers, medical staff, patients and community residents can bask in.

Our organizations are healthcare and educational cornerstones in the community. UHS is grateful for the trust that people have placed in us, and proud that we are able to join forces with BU for good in the region, producing a positive effect on its socioeconomic stability. We do this in part by employing thousands of people who, in turn, spend dollars on goods and services, as well as pay taxes at the federal, state and local levels.

For the second year in a row, UHS has been named among the best hospitals in the country by U.S. News & World Report. The national news magazine’s 2013-2014 “Best Hospitals” rankings list UHS as 31st among 250 New York State hospitals, up from 34th place last year. Of the 45 Central New York hospitals evaluated, UHS is one of only two meeting the publication’s standards for strong performance, with UHS coming in with the best overall ranking in the region. Of New York State’s 248 hospitals, only 46 qualified. U.S. News particularly recognized UHS Hospitals for its orthopedic and gynecological services, two important specialties that impact the lives of thousands.

The annual “Best Hospitals” rankings, now in their 24th year, recognize hospitals and healthcare systems that excel in treating the most challenging patients. The magazine evaluates hospitals in 16 adult specialties. It ranks the nation’s top 50 hospitals and recognizes other high-performing institutions that provide care at nearly the level of their nationally ranked peers. The latest rankings showcase 720 out of about 5,000 hospitals nationwide. The rankings have been published at

All of us at UHS appreciate being counted among the top healthcare organizations in the United States. It is further validation that the quality of care we provide right here is on a par with that offered at some of the finest medical centers in the country. It means that the people we serve are being well-served — and well-cared-for. Avery Comarow, health rankings editor at U.S. News & World Report, said: “A hospital that emerges from our analysis as one of the best has much to be proud of. Only about 15 percent of hospitals are recognized for their high performance as among their region’s best. Just 3 percent of all hospitals earn a national ranking in any specialty.”

Among the best … we think it’s a great place to be.

Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS