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You’re not facing cancer alone

Salanger Matt web

While cancer is still a major disease in the United States, there is much progress and hope in the battle to save lives and minimize the effects of the condition. And UHS is leading the way in our region to develop and employ the most advanced methods available in this ongoing fight.

We are working on several fronts. First of all, we encourage everyone in our community to follow their provider’s guidance in doing all they can to prevent cancer. We offer smoking cessation resources and many UHS Stay Healthy programs that encourage good nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Many of these are free or low-cost.

Second, we urge you to pursue early detection for all forms of cancer by taking advantage of screening programs such as colonoscopy and our new lung CT screening program.  

Third, we use the latest technology and the best available medical skill to provide fast, accurate and comprehensive diagnoses for all types of cancers. From our internationally-recognized lab services, to three-dimensional mammography, to the most effective blood tests and biopsies, we help you learn the facts about your health status and enable you to make the best decisions about which course of treatment to follow. 

When it comes to treatment, we offer radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and the special services of the CyberKnife Center of New York, right here on our own UHS Wilson Medical Center campus. And it doesn’t stop there. From “Tea with Ruth” to the newly formed Patient and Family Advisory Council, UHS offers you and your loved ones all the support resources you could hope for as you deal with the disease in all its dimensions.   

Most importantly, you are not alone if you are coping with cancer. Across UHS, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, therapists, pharmacists, laboratory technologists and allied health professionals whose goal is to give you a very powerful fighting chance. From our Cancer Center and Breast Center to every one of our other clinical areas and affiliated physician offices, we are committed to standing with you.   

If you have been diagnosed, or if you just have questions or concerns about cancer, remember that we’re on your team—that we’re here to listen, to provide answers and to help you, in every way, on your journey toward recovery.


Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS