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Although about 37 million mammograms are performed annually, only about 232,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. But this fact is of little comfort if you are one of the patients with a “suspicious” mammogram. What happens next? How long until you know for sure?

The clinicians at the UHS Breast Center know that a suspicious mammogram can cause fear and anxiety. That’s why the center brings together the entire breast care team under one roof, delivering the most coordinated care available. One of the main goals of the Breast Center is to give patients a clear diagnosis or a clean bill of health in the shortest amount of time possible, leaving less time for worry.

orange oneScreening Mammogram

A screening mammogram is a basic mammogram that most women get annually, often beginning around age 40. Screening mammograms at the Breast Center at UHS Vestal can be scheduled every weekday, as well as Saturdays. Late appointments are available on Tuesdays. Hours at other locations vary.


orange oneInterpretation

Each mammogram is read on-site by a radiologist, a physician who is trained to interpret diagnostic breast procedures and reads thousands of breast studies yearly. Mammograms are usually read within 24 hours.


minus Negative

plus Positive


Under suspicion

If you have a screening mammogram at a non-UHS facility that shows suspicious results, requesting a diagnostic mammogram at UHS is simple. You will only need to sign a release form that allows us to request your mammogram results from the other facility.