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An Orthopedic Center Like No Other

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The wave of aging Baby Boomers is about to reshape the American healthcare system. According to the American Hospital Association, by 2030 the over-65 population will nearly triple as a result of the aging of Boomers, and more than six of every 10 Boomers will be dealing with more than one chronic condition. Nearly one of every two — over 26 million — will be living with arthritis, and eight times more knee replacements will be performed than today.

Those are national statistics, but they’re comparable with New York’s Southern Tier as well: Our community is rapidly aging. As a result, hospitals and healthcare systems must be ready with the kinds of healthcare services people will need and demand. This is especially true of certain specialty areas — orthopedics being one major example. That’s why UHS has invested $30 million in the construction of a new, state-of-the-art Orthopedic Center on the Vestal Parkway. The center revolutionizes the concept of orthopedic care, creating a modern environment for patients dealing with either chronic or acute conditions of the bones, joints and muscles.

The center, at 4433 Vestal Parkway East, covers some 68,000 square feet on two levels, and includes doctor’s offices and treatment areas for orthopedics, sports medicine, rheumatology, chiropractic, podiatry, physical therapy and concussion care, as well as a gymnasium for sports medicine and therapeutic activities. X-ray is available under the same roof, and right next door, at 4417 Vestal Parkway East, is UHS Vestal, featuring such outpatient support services as imaging, laboratory and pharmacy. To begin with, 25 physicians and other providers, along with 15 to 20 physical therapists and assistants, will provide care in the new building. There is ample space and opportunity for the facility to grow as the need arises.

This new Orthopedic Center represents the second stage of the development of our Vestal campus, following the opening of UHS Vestal in 2012. It’s all part of our efforts to create or expand healthcare facilities to meet the growing patient and provider demand, and to situate them in areas — such as the centrally located Parkway — that make access easy from anywhere in Greater Binghamton. We at UHS invite you to take a look at our new facility, and talk with your doctor about using its services if you are ever confronted with an orthopedic injury, illness or challenge. You’ll find that it’s a center like no other, offering an incomparable patient experience.

As Southern Tier residents seek greater access to the finest in orthopedic care, we’re confident it will be an exceptional resource for many years to come.



Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS