simple steps for living well

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If you’re a woman reading this issue of Stay Healthy, you have taken a step toward your own best possible health for a lifetime: You’re becoming better-informed. Whatever your age, you’re thinking proactively about your health, and seeking to learn all you can about wellness. It’s a great step, one that all of your providers at UHS applaud you for taking.

No one has to tell you that the decisions you make today will affect your health for years to come. And no one has to remind you that your life is busier than ever, with greater responsibilities, complications and challenges. That’s why healthcare professionals urge women to take care of themselves, and why healthcare organizations put so much emphasis on women’s health services. At UHS, we realize that making time for yourself isn’t always easy, so we’re committed to giving you all the convenient, accessible tools and resources possible for a lifetime of well-being.

Our range of services for women is among the most comprehensive in upstate New York. We are here to care for you at every stage of life. Our staff includes doctors, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse navigators, technicians and therapists who are specially trained in all forms of screening, testing, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation connected with women’s health issues. They are very focused on you, and offer professional care with your best interests at heart.

Our services include the full array of maternity care, from premier birthing facilities to the region’s only neonatal intensive care unit, as well as programs in obstetrics, gynecology and urogynecology. We offer state-of-the-art mammography services and a comprehensive breast surgery program, featuring the region’s only breast surgical oncologist, Camelia Lawrence, MD. Ours is the only program in the Southern Tier accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. We also provide special services to prevent, diagnose and treat osteoporosis, and conduct many screenings and health fairs of particular interest to women.

Our specialty services are conveniently located near where you live, work or go to school. Our breast care department is centrally located in comfortable, modern surroundings at the new UHS Vestal, where other women’s services also are available. And we offer services especially designed for women at our primary care offices, as well as at all four of our hospitals.

There are several other simple steps you can take right now that will help you optimize your health and quality of life, according to Susan Kost, a registered nurse at UHS who also is manager of our Breast Center. “First, establish a good relationship with your primary care provider and other caregivers,” she notes. “Don’t wait until something goes wrong to seek out a doctor’s care. Have a good rapport with them about your health right from the start.” Second, she recommends that you talk with your provider about which screenings and tests are right for you, and when you should have them. And third, she urges you to immediately report any change in your health to your provider; don’t wait until your next scheduled visit. “You can help your provider—and yourself—by describing any changes in your body as soon as they occur,” she says.

Living a busy life and maintaining a hectic schedule isn’t easy, but you are the person who is ultimately in charge of your well-being. By making your health a priority, you’ll be going a long way toward enjoying every part of your life to the fullest, today and for years to come.

Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS