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Women’s healthcare needs change throughout the years. That’s why the dedicated healthcare providers at UHS are committed to women’s unique needs, offering a comprehensive array of services for women from adolescence to menopause and beyond. We provide expert care using advanced technology in locations that are convenient to you, all designed to make you and the women you love feel cared for, healthy and empowered to make the best healthcare decisions.

UHS 032 Womens World S fmt thumb thumbBECOMING A WOMAN

UHS staff and clinicians throughout the healthcare system help young women set the stage for a lifetime of good health by providing a comfortable, comprehensive first gynecological exam. At UHS Gynecology in Vestal, nurse practitioners (NPs) take their time with young patients who are coming in for their first exam, focusing on their questions and concerns and alleviating their fears. “That first GYN appointment is critical,” says Nancy Shumeyko, MD, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist at UHS Vestal. “If that first experience is not a good one, patients don’t come back and they neglect their healthcare.”

UHS 032 Womens World  fmt3 thumbTHE CHILDBEARING YEARS

As women enter their childbearing years, UHS provides comprehensive family planning, STD and sexual health screenings, and obstetrician and birthing services, including care for complex pregnancies or other conditions. Patients with gestational diabetes can get specialized care from UHS diabetes educators, who help navigate the recommended course of care and treatment for this complication of pregnancy.

UHS 032 Womens World  fmt4 thumb thumbMOVING TOWARD MENOPAUSE

Gynecologic care is just as important — perhaps even more so — after the childbearing years. Mammograms are a major tool in the battle against breast cancer and should be performed for most women starting at age 40. Beyond breast health, the years leading to menopause can be a time of major change for women. Fluctuating hormones, incontinence due to childbirth, gynecological cancers and osteoporosis are concerns for women in this age group. Dr. Shumeyko takes a personal interest in menopause care at her UHS Vestal practice, staffed by women. “We’re women,” says Dr. Shumeyko. “We understand the complaints and that their issues are real. We know that hot flashes are disturbing and we can help.”

UHS 032 Womens World  fmt5 thumb thumb AFTER THE CHANGE

Urinary incontinence is a common complaint among older women, but it is often ignored because women are embarrassed or their care providers are simply not well versed in the latest treatments. Dr. Shumeyko stresses that no woman should have to suffer with incontinence. “It’s common, but it’s not normal,” she says. “It’s important to make the right diagnosis and provide the right treatment, which isn’t always surgery.”

UHS physicians are specialists at minimally invasive surgical options for women’s health conditions. Minimally invasive means smaller incisions, little blood loss, less pain, and a shorter operation and recovery time as compared to more invasive procedures. These procedures now take mere hours and may be done on an outpatient basis, with a recovery time of only one to two weeks. Minimally invasive procedures such as hysterectomy and uterine ablation provide women with high-tech options for common gynecologic problems.


  • WEB EXCLUSIVE:  Women should discuss which screening tests they need with their healthcare provider.
UHS has women’s health providers for you and your daughter in your community. See a complete list of our women’s health providers. To make an appointment with Dr. Shumeyko or a gynecology nurse practitioner at UHS Vestal, call 797-4496.

If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, be sure to come to one of our monthly baby showers at UHS Wilson Medical Center. This free event features a tour of the birthing center and maternity areas, and an introduction to our childbirth education and parenting classes. For more information on the free baby showers, call 763-5092. Click here for information on childbirth classes.

Dr. Shumeyko and other women’s health providers host regular seminars on important women’s health topics. Seminars are free and open to the public. See our website to find out about upcoming events.

Our “Pearls of Wisdom” program rewards women for taking care of their breast health. When you come for your first mammogram at any UHS facility, you’ll receive a beautiful necklace with a single freshwater pearl. With each subsequent annual mammogram, you’ll get an additional pearl to add to your necklace — a beautiful reminder. See our website for mammography locations and phone numbers.