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A Well-Coordinated Team

Salanger Matt web

That’s what we at UHS want you to say every time you call on us for care or visit one of our facilities. If you’re like most Americans, you expect a lot from your healthcare provider — and you should. At UHS, we stand ready to meet or exceed those expectations.

But what makes for a smooth, hassle-free experience? We believe that the outstanding patient care experience begins with listening, showing respect and giving hope. How do we deliver on that promise?

First, we focus on you. When you walk through our doorways, we strive to know your name, understand your medical condition and treat you not as a case, but as a person. We respect your questions, your opinions and your decisions. Our goal is to help you stay in charge of your care, while guiding you to the best care options.

Second, we work to make your care as quick, efficient and beneficial as possible, without making you feel rushed. As one of our patients recently said of their primary care office, “They care for me promptly, but they take the time to address all of my concerns.” We seek to anticipate your needs, find the best possible referrals to other providers if you need additional care, and make appointments for you so there’s one less thing you have to worry about.

And third, our goal is to always communicate with you in a way that’s accurate and understandable. Medical care today can be complicated, involving several tests, procedures and therapies. We feel it’s important that we explain things clearly so that you and your family members can make informed decisions. We want you to make choices in full command of the facts and with the full confidence that you’ve received reliable guidance.

Healthcare today also involves a team approach. The way your doctor, nurse, technician and therapist work together can make all the difference in your treatment, recovery and healing. That’s why we make well-coordinated teamwork — with everyone on your team sharing information — a top priority.

So thank you for putting your confidence and trust in UHS, and for giving us the opportunity to make your next healthcare experience the best one of your life.

Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS