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Staying the Course for Quality Care

Salanger Matt web

A few weeks ago I delivered my yearly progress report to the combined Boards of Directors of UHS at our 2015 annual meeting. In my remarks, I outlined the many challenges facing not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations today.

We are all grappling with the accelerating pace of change, a slow-growing local economy and the unpredictable consequences of the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals are facing chronically declining payments as they migrate to a new reimbursement system based on the value of care. Moreover, our region’s population is aging and technology is creating ever-greater pressure on providers to offer the latest and greatest — and sometimes the costliest — treatments.

But also in my remarks, I noted that truly great healthcare organizations rise to challenges like these and continue to furnish the best possible care. I emphasized that outstanding organizations forecast storms before they hit, even if they might be described as “perfect storms.” They move forward. They do not waiver in their mission, and always stay the course in pursuit of their goals.

Along the way, I outlined the many positive actions UHS has taken over the past year or so to enhance our care, service and quality at every level. I’m pleased to share them with you as well. By way of just a few examples: We have combined all of our cardiac services under the umbrella of the UHS Heart Institute, unveiled plans for a UHS Comprehensive Orthopedic Center, continued to invest in recruiting top physicians and expanded our capabilities in primary care, cancer care and cardiology.

We introduced private rooms at UHS Delaware Valley and, at UHS Chenango Memorial, a new ablation procedure for back pain. UHS Home Care marked its first anniversary at its centrally located headquarters in Johnson City, and UHS Senior Living at Ideal made plans to celebrate a quarter-century of caring for the elderly.

As I reflect on all that UHS has accomplished in the past few years and months, I am most proud of our people, the men and women of healthcare, who give of themselves every day to create a meaningfully better experience for you. The cards and letters of thanks they often receive from patients remind us just how serious and important our mission is, and how it motivates us, in these challenging times, to accomplish more and to live our brand promise: “We listen. We show respect. We give hope.”


Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS