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We’re Building on Our Strengths

Salanger Matt web

Within the past few years, we at UHS have embarked on an ambitious journey — the transformation of our organization from a collection of disparate health institutions into a closely knit healthcare system, sharing one vision, one purpose and one culture. All members of this integrated UHS system are working together, building on a foundation of clinical and service excellence, to create the healthcare system of tomorrow. Our board members, management, medical staff, employees and volunteers have embraced our strategic direction to move us forward with a commitment to improve our care, grow our market share and manage our costs.

Throughout 2015, we were clearly mindful of the challenges and opportunities presented by that commitment. One of the more tangible ways we are building for the future is by adding or expanding facilities to accommodate services for which there is a growing demand in the community. Recently, we began construction on our new Orthopedic Center, designed to meet the increasing needs of the Southern Tier’s residents for the full range of orthopedic, sports medicine and musculoskeletal care. As the center takes shape on the Vestal Parkway, it is another highly visible testament to the way we respond effectively to anticipated community need.

While construction projects are significant, they don’t represent the only way we are building our healthcare system with the future in mind. To enhance the patient experience, we continue to develop a comprehensive care management model to support patient-centered, coordinated care delivery, and use clinical excellence scorecards to drive and monitor our progress internally and comparatively to the market.  

We maintain an emphasis on disease management programs and are expanding access to care through same-day primary care appointments and an easier registration process. Most importantly, we seek to make our patients safe, secure, comfortable and well-cared-for, no matter what the care setting, by educating and supporting our medical staff and employees as they deliver care firsthand.

In all of these ways, we are working to ensure that everyone on the UHS team shares the same commitment to providing a truly outstanding patient experience, one which people will think of when they say that, at UHS, we listen, we show respect and we give hope. Those are goals we’re proud to embrace, to share and to build on for tomorrow.


Matthew J. Salanger
President and CEO of UHS