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Improving Always

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I have often marveled at how the UHS family shares a common bond, built on the spirit of teamwork and fueled by the power and passion that reflect our mission. I feel a sense of awe at being associated with our providers, employees, volunteers and board members — everyone who serves on our “Team of Healers.”

Thinking about the awesome characteristics that have brought us forward makes me optimistic about the future of our organization. As a result of the various approaches to healthcare reform, the health field nationwide has been on a 10-year transition from a volume-driven, fee-for-service payment model to one based on quality and outcomes. At the same time, demand for primary care and home care is increasing. UHS, as an integrated delivery system, is poised to thrive during this era of transformation. 

We have made great strides in improving, managing and growing to better serve our patients and community. Our organization’s accomplishments over the past year came in spite of the continuing decline in reimbursements from third-party payers and the increasing demands of an aging population in the Southern Tier. Across the system, we saw much progress in the advancement of our strategic goals, as outstanding individuals, departments and system members worked hand in hand to produce outstanding results.

As 2017 got under way, I shared with the UHS team my belief that this year could be truly “A Year of Performance.” Our entire organization is poised to reach new levels of excellence in the care and service we provide. I called on everyone to approach the year with renewed vigor to excel in both our individual and collective efforts.

Those of us who provide care are reminded of the many daily opportunities we have to create awe-inspiring moments in the lives of those we serve. Moments such as these are what called us to work in healthcare in the first place, and reflect our personal commitment to positively impact the lives of others. There is no higher calling, after all, than to pursue ways to serve, to heal, to inspire and to change lives. 


Matthew J. Salanger, FACHE
President and CEO of UHS